This past week, Tyson O’ Brien a.k.a DJ Generik has been touring with everyone from L-Vis 1990 to Congrock to Diplo to Tiesto at Stereosonic Festival. Now, we find out that that is just his job. We managed to catch an interview with Australia’s 21st Century renaissance man, and the nicest guy in the scene, in which he told us about: killing Surkin, being Justin Bieber, the Ashes and of course, music. Interview after the jump, also, his Drop The Lime remix from a while back never gets old, get that below:

Drop The Lime – Set Me Free (DJ Generik Set Moi Fwee Remix)

AO-AO: Firstly, in one sentence describe what you do in one day?

I work for a record label in Australia, I tour artists, conjure line-ups for Stereosonic music festival, DJ, online TV presenter, produce and frequent fly!

AO-AO: The lovely Immy from Truants sent me this one for you: Snog, Marry, Throw Off a Cliff – Busy P, Surkin, Brodinski ?

MAN!!!!! Snog – Busy P: he’s tall, dark and handsome. Marry – Brodinski: he’s my age and we’d make a good couple. Throw off a cliff – Surkin: only because he’s small and probably the only one i could lift! hahaha.

AO-AO: Best / Worst person to be touring with and why?

Everyone I’ve toured with has been great, super friendly and always kept me up later than I should be. The worst person would have to be Drop The Lime. The guy just wouldn’t let me sleep, rest, take a break. He’s definitely not human!

AO-AO: We notice you’ve been upping your Twitter game recently, for those unfamiliar, please explain #tourofcool ? Are we allowed to know?

hhahaa. Well its coming soon to Australia and then hopefully Europe and USA. Basically I have a pretty sweet job, fly around the world checking out artists and the likes for festivals in Australia so when people ask me where I’ve been and stuff I try and play it down “ohh you know, just got back from LA and saw a movie” the joke goes on and hence the #TOUROFCOOL has been launched!

AO-AO: If you could be any celebrity until you died, who would it be and why?

Justin Bieber, that kid is about to go off the rails in a few years and it would be a pretty fun journey!

AO-AO: Best / Worst thing about living in Austrialia?

Best: It’s Australia and anyone who has been will know what i’m talking about.

Worst: Have you seen the TV show lost? That’s what its like, some cities on a giant island, far, far away from everyone else. 

AO-AO: Favourite thing on the internet?

AO-AO blog ;) & Youtube

AO-AO: What’s your vice?

The Bad Cats, they’re my best mates and the most evil people on the planet. ahahah

AO-AO: If you had a Tardis, what time would you go back to?

Egyptian era, I’ve always been fascinated with archaeology and to see everything as it was would be amazing.

AO-AO: What’s coming up for your DJ Generik in the near future?

I have to finish this ep of mine! #tourofcool & who knows!!!

AO-AO: Top three tracks at the moment:

1. Massimo Massivi – Hands Up, Hands Down (Outer Space Bass Edit)
2. Mumbai Science – Ancova
3. Light Year – 5 Girls 

AO-AO: Ideal Superpower?

Fly, then I don’t have to worry about customs.

AO-AO: Oh and lastly, England are playing Australia at a sport called Cricket at the moment to win some Ash. Do you care? Do you want revenge for when you were banged up?

I do care.
I want revenge.
It doesn’t look like I’ll get it.

Michael Clarke needs to spend less time “modeling” and more time hitting sixes.

Thanks guys!

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