A few weeks back, we did a post about our friend’s photography blog PicturePerfectPlusSome. We really love the idea of the site, to spread photographs and photographers he (Bukky Fehintola) likes, as well as music, videos and thoughts. This week, we interviewed Bukky about himself and the site. Check it after the jump:

AO-AO Interview W/ PicturePerfectPlusSome

1) Firstly, for people who aren’t familiar, who are you and what made you start PicturePerfectPlusSome?

My names Bukky and I’m from a charmingly dull, ugly, and deceptively large city called Bradford (next to Leeds). I finished my Law degree this year in Liverpool, but now Im chilling the fuck out! Re-aquanting with some greatly neglected creative vibes! Originally having a blog to archive and exhibit my own photography, this changed. I was at a friends house for the weekend and was consumed by the atmosphere there –  with the amazing music, conversation/ideas and photography, I was inspired to create a medium which could immidiately exhibit all these things which captiviated me in that moment.

2) What would you say was the main ethos behind the blog?

To be a blank white canvas for art that i feel something for when interacting with. Quality not quantity. And to share, to enrich each other with our vibes.

3) Describe your process of networking and becoming aware of new photographers

Quite a few friends of mine do photography so we check each others stuff out, and then we meet new photographers from each others friends. Regarding online networking I check out stuff that I’ve come across, and then try find out who what photographers those guys are digging, or some extrasound people just tell me! Then I’ll get in touch by email and ask if they’d like to be featured on the blog, and if they do, select my favourites, and post away!

4) The blog features photographers based all over, from Paris, Bradford, Brighton etc. How would you say location affects the work produced, if at all?

I think ultimately its about the particular individual capturing the picture, not where they’re from. The personality of the person dictates why they point their camera at certain things and then click the shutter release, but obviously personality is shaped by enviroment. I’ve barely seen a glimmer of what photography is out there, but Iv seen quite alot of fashion/modelling photography from Paris; and a mixture of landscape/countryside and the interestingly mundane from some in Bradford.

5) You post your own photography on the blog, what made you gain an interest in it?

I can remember walking past everyday things like trees and people and just thinkimg, shit, that would make such a cheeky picture! I’ve got to get a camera! Then I thought, those big fancy-lookin ones must be the best, and asked, “What are they called”. SLR’s apparantely. I’ve got an SLR.

6) Which other blogs are you digging that we should check out?

AO-AO’s alright if you like that sort of thing. Adeline Mai has a great blog with some very pretty snaps of some very pretty women, its pretty sex orientated which is always healthy. Fromaland is sick! everyday marvells captured via analogue, the unnoticed brought into focus, love that shit. And Eye Know features some cheeky photographers, all different styles.

7) What situation would you ideally like to reach with PicturePerfectPlusSome?

Its all ideal right now, and in the way that its going, I’m enjoying the gradual process. I simultaneously further emerse myself in others photography as well as my own, interspersing the pictures with thoughts which give me life direction, and other arts which inspire me. I hope to continue this process with the blog, gradually growing, and if others are diggin its vibes, thats brilliant!

8) Lastly, if people are wanting to contact you, where can they hit you up?