In 2008, the London based pair of David Cox and Russell Crank released their mini album ‘Down & Out In Paris & London’ on the highly respected French electronic label, Kitsuné. Since then, Autokratz  have supported The Prodigy in Tokyo, remixed the likes of Underworld and La Roux, toured the globe, been playlisted by Pete Tong, Annie Mac & Rob Da Bank, played at Glastonbury, and released their full album, ‘Animal‘, which gained major support from the likes of iDJ Magazine, Finacial Times, Mixmag, and many more. Now in 2011, Autokratz are set to embark on a new exciting venture, by starting their own label ‘Bad Life’. The pair have already revealed that their new album ‘Self Help For Beginners’ , which will be released on their own imprint next month, features collaborations with Primal Scream and Jagz Kooner. We were fortunate enough to grab an interview with the Orwell inspired David & Russell, in which they told me 5 artists/producers to look out for, why they started their own label, the importance of music blogs, and more. Check the full interview after the jump:

Hello! Are you guys well? What’s been keeping you busy lately?

David: Very well thanks. Currently in a bunker in East London finishing our second album

Your recent release ‘Opposite Of Love’ gained mad support, and over the past few years you’ve gathered well deserved recognition from The Guardian, NME, iDJ, Pete Tong, Rob Da Bank etc. – how important would you say public feedback is for an artist, and has it affected what you guys make?

David: Without the public, you cease to exist. Obviously its nice to have people say nice things about what youre doing but you also have to try not to listen too much otherwise it may affect what you write next.

Russell: Yeah you definitely have to write for yourself or you’ll be able to tell its not genuine.

Your set to release your album ‘Self Help For Beginners’ on your own label Bad Life in April, can you tell us what led to the creation of Bad Life and what we can expect from both the album, and the label?

Russell: Its something we’ve wanted to do for a while now. Touring the world for the last few years we’ve found some amazing music and met some great people. And its purely about having the opportunity to share that. There is a wealth of really great electronic music out there at the moment and we’re signing the records we are getting most excited about. I’ve worked at labels before, and we’ve got the right people around us to make it work so we’re all pretty excited to see what happens.

I’m interested to know your guys take on the importance of music blogs in todays world, with regards to artist promotion?

David: Blogs are fantastic and so important for artists. I find tons of new artists and tracks each month which I would have probably missed out on if reliant solely on magazines and radio. Its also a great way to skirt around major label shit that gets forced upon us via the mainstream media. Blogs always start with a music fan who is passionate about the content they put up. It makes finding music exciting again.

Russell: And I love the speed of contact from making a track to getting to your fans – no waiting around for months. Its really exciting getting a new track on the blogs as the response is instant.

You guys have played at Glastonbury, Parklife Festival in Austrailia, Dour Festival in Belgium, which must obviously be incredible, how do you adopt when playing at smaller, more intimate venues, like The Nest on the 4th March?

David: We don’t really. We go out and give a full on show regardless.

Russell: Its wicked to have that closeness with the crowd, and having not played a hometown show in London for a bit – that one is gonna be particularly special.

What would you say were the key ingredients to creating a great live show?

David: Passion, energy and bloody great music!

I’ve been keeping up with your charts on your site, what have you guys been listening to this month?

David: Recently the Cut Copy record (which is amazing) and Gesaffelstein.

Russell: Also really loving No Joy at the moment, the album is amazing.

Four producers/artists you’d recommend we look out for in the upcoming months?

David & Russell: NT89, 10 Rapid, TWR72, Sovnger

On the 4th of March, the Bad Life Label Launch Party at the The Nest, London, hosts yourselves, Shadow Dancer, NT89, 10Rapid, Pete Carvell and Kezokichi, are you guys going to be hosting events regularly?

Russell: Yeah its something we’re definitely getting back in to. When we started we were throwing our own parties all the time, and most of our first gigs were at warehouse parties we promoted in East London. But with touring all the time it had to take a back seat. Now we’ve got the structure of the label to help us do it, so look out for some bigger shows coming soon too.

Finally, we know of the album coming from you guys on Bad Life in April, what else is in the pipeline for Autokratz?

David: Touring touring touring. Can’t wait!

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We’d like to thank Autokratz for the interview, also, if your in London on the 4th March, make sure you check their ‘Bad Life’ launch party. Support comes from Shadow Dancer (Boys Noize Records), NT89 (Live), 10 Rapid and more.

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