In 2009, Dublin based Lorcan Mak’s ‘Gypsy Bum’ track topped blog and DJ charts across the globe, gained airplay on the likes of BBC Radio 1 and kicked off a wave of regional themed techno music. Since then, he’s had releases on the likes of Anabatic Records, Southern Fried Records, Kitsuné, Exploited Records, Youngunz, Get Flavor and a host of others. At the turn of this year, he launched his own record label ‘Stay Hungry Records’ with its inspiring ethos to “provide a platform for the currently small but developing Dublin House sound and the scene that is to some even barely-existent.” We were fortunate enough to catch an interview with Lorcan Mak in which he told us about the reason he launched his own label, his take on music blogs, and his favourite cheese. He’s also set to do a guestmix for AO-AO in the upcoming weeks which we’re incredibly excited about. Check the interview below:


AO-AO: Hello! Firstly, how are you man? What’s been keeping you busy recently?
I’m really good thanks! Mostly college, the new label and new weekly residency at The Kitchen in Dublin.

AO-AO: You launched Stay Hungry Records around the end of last year, tell us about how starting that project came about?

Starting a label has always been on my mind since I first start producing. I have been releasing music on various labels around about two years now, dealing directly with the labels myself and I have learned quite a lot about what’s involved with releasing music throughout this time. I found myself sitting on a lot of my music because certain label’s seemed to be on their own vibe and vibes which sometimes were not suited to what I was doing at the time. I was approached by a friend who had just got a job at a distribution company and after some detailed discussion and plenty of thought I eventually decided to go ahead with work on my own label. This way I have much more control over my own music and have the ability to release what I like independently.

AO-AO: One of the aims of Stay Hungry Records is to “provide a platform” for the current Dublin house sound and to support local upcoming producers – how do you view the scene in Dublin right now?

Indeed it is…Dublin is a very small city in comparison to some of our neighboring capital cities like London. The population is only around 1,600,000 and London’s around 14,000,000 so when you narrow that down to clubbers that leaves us with a very small amount of them. The scene is quite small here but it is growing. There are some really successful club nights over here and there are really good international acts playing each weekend which is great for the scene here. Nevertheless, within the small scene here there are some really talented producers coming out of the city and my aim is for Stay Hungry Records to “provide a platform” for the new wave of homegrown producers here in Ireland.

AO-AO: Can we expect ‘Stay Hungry’ parties and events?

Our label party kicked off on Paddy’s Day this year in a newly re-opened “legendary” Dance venue that was a hub for Dance music here since 1994. It closed its doors in 2002 and only re-opened March 17th (Paddy’s Day) this year. We plan to have all our EP launch parties there.

AO-AO: I loved that recent ‘Acid House’ release of yours on Midnight Munchies – what else is coming up for you on a production level?

Thanks! I have a new EP dropping on Anabatic in June and plenty of new tracks planned for release on “Stay Hungry” into the new year and beyond.

AO-AO: I’ve just seen you subscribed to the Odd Future Youtube channel, love them guys, aside from House music, where do your musical passions sit?

I keep an open mind when it comes to music, there’s nothing better than a friend introducing you to something new you haven’t heard before. I am always searching for my next favorite track. Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, Disco, Boogie & DnB…

AO-AO: I’m interested to know your take on music blogs in todays world?

Quality is hard to come by, because the market is so flooded. But they seem to be the way of the future. I’m still a sucker for buying my monthly music magazines thoug…but for how much longer they keep printing them is another story.

AO-AO: Disco Of Doom wanted us to ask you ‘If you were a cheese, what kind would you be and why?’

Dubliner Cheese! Haha.

AO-AO: Your top three records right now?

Darius Syrossian – Stay Up Dancing Get In Monday
Dj Kool Dek – The Message 2011
Chock – Dondi

AO-AO: Your top three producers right now?

Dark Sky
Motor City Drum Ensemble

AO-AO: Lastly, if producers want to get at Stay Hungry Records, where should they head?

Stay Hungry Records Myspace / Twitter / Facebook / Soundcloud