In March this year, the exciting new Belgian label Pelican Fly released Richelle’s (founding member of the label) ‘Mascot’ EP, gathering huge support in the process. With a passion for raw, energetic juke/rap/UK inspired music, the label declare the lead track as their ‘anthem’ and their ethos as “release and promote music we love, whether it’s car or club bangers or more intimate pieces of music, it’s all about the fountain of vibes”. On the 25th of this month, Pelican Fly will release Mister Tweeks’ ‘Numéro Sept’ EP with remixes from High Powered Boys, DJ Rizzla and Lucid. They released the Soundcloud preview of the original today and it sounds amazing, catch it below. Also, I really hope the label is named after Tony Montana’s infamous scene in the bathtub, right before he goes H.A.M. on his wife:

Pelican Fly / Soundcloud