Photography by Evangelous Rodoulis

A few months back, Jorge Takei sent us his remix of Avant’s R’n’B jam ‘Separated’. Since then, we’ve been fascinated by everything he’s done under both his own name, and with follow German Robophil under the JTRP alias. At the start of this year, they released their self-titled EP on T.William’s Deep Teknologi label, which is definately worth checking. We managed to catch an interview with the Dusseldorf based producer in which we talked about the scene in his hometown, bank manager’s earning too much money and plans for the near future. Check it below:


AO-AO: Hey man, are you good? For those who aren’t that familiar with Jorge Takei, how would you describe yourself and what you do?

I am a producer based in Dusseldorf & Cologne and working somewhere in between the continental House styles and UK influenced bass-music. Flow and groove may be the most important things that drive my music, which does not always have to mean ‘Club’ at all, I guess.

AO-AO:  Apart from the fact the Eurovision song contest was just hosted there, how do you view the scene in Dusseldorf, Germany at the moment?

It’s a bit complicated here. The city’s not too big and the club-scene focuses on established people with a lot of money to spend on drinks and stuff. Apart from some special occasions, clubs book local DJs or stick with their residents, as people tend to give a fuck about the booking. Apart from that, we have a hand full of very nice House labels located here. Take Desolat with the father Loco Dice, or more personal labels like Hello? Repeat (Daze Maxim) and my good fella Thomas Sonora and his Kolorit Records imprint. Now our crew is giving parties in Cologne and other cities around this area. We just started to bring some SWAG to Dusseldorf.

AO-AO: When you get a musical idea or inspiration, what’s the deciding factor whether you turn it into a Jorge Takei track, or team up with Robophil and make it a JTRP track?

Umm, tough one. It depends on the flow that comes with a jam, I guess. After a while of playing around with Synths and percussion, you get an idea of a feeling. Usually my solo grooves (can you say it like that? haha) are more like Boom-Ti. JTRP feels more like Bambadabam-Ti :D

AO-AO: Your remix of Avant’s ‘Separated’ has gained mad support recently from blogs across the world such as Discobelle and DJ’s such as Brodinski and Thomas Sanson, how did that remix come about? Have you always had a soft-spot for the original?

What comes now, is too much honesty. You know what? I did the instrumental and then just went through my accapella’s. I think Avant was just one of the first in the right correct key (which is Am by the way)

AO-AO: How important do you think music blogs are to an artist in today’s environment, and the development of an artist?

Blogs have evolved in a very positive way, I think. Back in the days (sounding old now) a lot of producers just sent in their tracks, blogs posted them as an MP3 and that’s where it stopped. Today, the blogs have more of a function of real media. It’s journalism. They interact with the labels, reach a lot of people who are not just aiming for cheap tunes, but want to get some information about what is going on. You could say that the whole blogosphere has grown up a bit. Even some labels evolved from former blogs. So I think the relation between artist and blog has kind of a symbiotic-funtion. A blog can offer you a showcase and in return the blog (and the people behind it) is at the source of stuff, getting informed first and having access to music that will be released much later.

AO-AO: In your April 2011 chart on your Resident Advisor page, you were supporting the likes of Dinky, Adam Port, Manuel Tur, Guti and more – what are your top five records at the moment?

1) Stimming – Liquorice Album (Diynamic)
2) Genius Of Time – Houston, We Have A Problem (Royal Oak)
3) Daniel Bortz – Other Guys (Suol)
4) Hervey Jenkins – Steelo (Dub Mix) (ForeFront Rec.)
5) The Phantom – Night Game (Viadrina Remix) (Pets Rec.)

AO-AO: Your top five producers at the moment?

Ewww, another hard one. I’ll give no particular order, but this list could be extended to like, I don’t know. There’s so many talented people out there, and I love them all hahah!

1) Martin Stimming (Who is, and will always be my main idol)
2) Cosmin TRG
3) Motor City Drum Ensemble
4) Shigeto
5) 6th Borough Project

AO-AO: What’s coming up for you in near future, both production and DJ wise?

I’m playing a lot of really great gigs as JTRP in the future: Cologne (W/ Mosca, Girl Unit), Hamburg (at the infamous Golden Pudel Club) and something I’m really looking forward to: a set with T.Williams (Co-Founder of Deep Teknologi Records). Our second EP will drop in June on Deep Teknologi and soon afterwards, my first solo EP will drop, but I can’t talk too much about that yet, as their are still some things baking :D

AO-AO: Lastly, if you were to come into power, what would be your first rule / rule change?

You mean politically? That’s hard, as their’s quite a lot to change. Their would be a maximum salary for a job. No matter if a bank manager or a football player, let’s say like €5000 – that’s a lot of money per month, how could you ever spend more? The money that would be saved with that could be used for matters of public interest. I sound like a hippie. Pow!

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