Bosstone is a guy we here at AO-AO have had our eyes (and ears) on for a long time. Based out of Melbourne Australia, he has been bubbling beneath the surface of the scene, ready to erupt for a while now and during this time he has been cooking up a storm of originals and his famous re-edits. These tracks have consistently been cropping up in our monthly charts and garnering huge support from everyone with any sense of taste within music. Out now on Soukouch Ethnik, Bosstone’s Call Me Up EP exhibits again his hugely eclectic style, showing remnants of his Scattermusic EP fused with the ghetto side to his persona. The eclecticism we always encounter from Bosstone (wether in his DJ sets or productions) made us want to dig into what really drives him, and we thought the best way to get into the mind of Bosstone was to challenge him to a word association game. What’s more, he’s ALSO provided us with #20 in the AO-AO guest mix series, with a mix that I feel not only presents Bosstone’s amazing DJ skills and influences behind his love for music, but also truly captures the essence of AO-AO blog with sexy RNB, sultry Hip Hop and straight vibes throughout, making Bosstone an obvious selection for our milestone 20th mix. Now, enjoy the river of vibes, and also, there is no tracklisting for this one people so get Googling. Also, a big shout out to Outta for the photos! Catch him on Facebook.




– Based


– Girls

Hair Grease

– John Travolta


– Planes


– Disorder :|

Iberico Ham


The Internet

– Youuuhtube, mahhspayce, worrrl star hip haap


– Pretty girls


– Tossbone


AO-AO (BAIXO): Would you rather be in love with a skunk with a bad attitude, or a hobo that didn’t love you back?

Bosstone: Man, maybe the skunk…see with a skunk it could be more of a pet, like a dog. I would like the hobo storys though, unless he was a dick and didn’t want to tell me. I’ll go skunk. Can you get the stink glands removed?

If you know a good enough vet, but I think the skunk would be pretty moody if u mentioned it.

True, but dogs are still cool wit u after they get spayed. Would a skunk be more like a dog or cat? I hope dog. Otherwise it would probably be pretty uncontrollable…

If you had to choose between; 1) Eating your favourite food everyday for a year but only being able to drink that water at the bottom of your bins or 2) Being able to drink your favourite drink for a year but only being able to eat cat nip and Ritz crackers, which would you choose?

I’d probably go with the favourite drink and cat nip/crackers. See if it was going on favourite drink I would choose something alcoholic and stay drunk, I’m sure they couldn’t be too bad when drunk

If I was a magic genie who could give u 3 wishes, what would you ask me for?

If you were a magic genie..hmm…Im sure everyone would say money, or almost everyone. Keep my fam safe and If I could rap/sing that would be dope too.

Would you rather be locked in a room filled with Lucid’s and a really bad smell (that you never got used to) for one week or change your name to Tossbone the Sensual?

Lucy smells nice though.

Yeah but there’s a bad smell in the room.

Hmm. I am feeling the name I think. Might change it anyway…it’s smooth.

Bosstone suits you though.

Yeah but imagine spitting game at a girl, you’d all be like “baby, you know who it is. Tossbone, that sensual dude ya heard.” And they would be like “damn.”

What about if you were emperor of your own planet, what would you call it?

Omicron Persei 8 is allready taken, so maybe Omicron Bawzei 7.

And if you could have 3 rules on your planet that everyone had to obey, what would they be?

Don’t be a dick, have fun and 2 girls to every guy. You know how I’m running things.

Mila Kunis, Rachel Bilson or Jessica Alba?

Damn… You know my type haha! I’m gonna go with Rachel Bilson, ’cause of the whole wonderwoman thing. The OC was my joint

Yeah but if we’re going off TV shows, Mila Kunis can do a wicked Meg Griffin…

Ye yee, I dont know tho. I’m still feeling Rachel Bilson

Would you rather have a voice like Professor Farnsworth from Futurama but have no intelligent things to say with it, or Barry White and have no women to sing to?

Good news, everyone…

I just read that in his voice…

Hahaha me too. Farnsworth for sure. Just to say good news everyone over and over.

Finally, could Jesus microwave a Burrito so hot, that he himself could not eat it?

Well sir, of course, he could, but then again… Wow as melon scratchers go that’s a honey doodle. Now you know what I’ve been going through…

Thanks a lot man.

All good man.

Any last words to the masses.



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