I really don’t know what is flowing through Canadian water right now, but it’s having a seriously incredible effect on the music scene. One of the operators of the Canadian bulldozer is Montreal based Lunice, who’s just sent over his top ten records of the past year for our ‘Best Of 2011‘ series. It’s been a remarkable year for Lunice, his stunning six-track ‘One Hunned’ EP was released on Glasgow based collective and label LuckyMe in August, he’s also collaborated with the likes of Diplo, Azealia Banks, Hudson Mohawke, Young L and more. On top of that, he’s remixed the likes of Lil B, XV, Stalley and Bambounou. The guy is an absolute work horse. But for me, it’s his DJ sets and live performances that just put him on another level. He “revitalizes dancefloors with his quintessential energy and awe-inspiring charisma” as I once read, and found so accurate. You just need to watch his 60 Minute Boiler Room Mix to see that. He really is one of the most engaging and entertaining DJ’s out there right now. As a result, he’s toured worldwide this year with shows in Los Angeles, London, Australia, Paris, Manchester, Edinburgh, Toronto, Poland and everywhere else. Lunice is a natural born entertainer, and what’s beautiful is that you know he’ll be exactly the same when DJ’ing in his room. He’s on fire. Check his top ten records of this year below, which are in no particular order. Thanks for taking your time out man, much appreciated:

Best Of 2011 Series: Lunice

01: Araab Muzik – Streetz Tonight
02: Kanye West & Jay-Z – N****** in Paris
03: ASAP Rocky – Peso
04: Zomby – Witch Hunt
05: Spaceghostpurrp – Suck A N**** D***
06: Kendrick Lamar – Rigamortis
07: Wiz Khalifa – Cabin Fever
08: Decibel – G.A.P.
09: Drake – Headlines
10: Hudson Mohawke – Cbat

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