Ahed of the release of his album “Plateau Vision” on April 17th, Philiadelphia based rapper Lushlife has just given out a remix for his track “Still I Hear the World Progress” (featuring Ruff Ryder Styles P) by Tri-Angle Records releasee and Pennsylvania resident, Balam Acab.
Alec Koone (Balam Acab) has been responsible for some of our favourite listening of 2011/2012, following the release of his debut LP WANDER/WONDER on one of our top labels from last year, Tri-Angle, and the way he has lent his own sample heavy, ethereal style to Lushlife’s original results in a track that we can see ourselves constantly revisiting for some time.
The remix itself veers towards something of the Houston chop and screwed variety, as the pitched down vocal drawls across the atmospheric sound scape of seraphic female vocal chants which reverberate around melodic pads and dripping liquid. It’s as if the whole remix has been dipped in a double stacked cup of purp.
Stream the remix and grab the download below.

DOWNLOAD: Lushlife Feat Styles P – Still I Hear The World Progess (Balam Acab Remix)

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