Surkin’s ‘Lose Yourself’ EP was released yesterday on Marble with remixes from Rustie and Brodinski. Earlier today, the Marble crew let out the Soundcloud previews of Surkin’s upcoming ‘USA Club Mixes’ LP. It features such a wide scope with everyone from Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990 to A-Trak to Feadz to Canblaster and more. Support this with your student loan on the 16th April. Check it below.

PREVIEW: Surkin – USA Club Mixes (Teaser)


Surkin – Quattro Feat. Bobmo (Feadz Remix)
Surkin – Love Shot (Djedjotronic & Noob Remix)
Surkin – Lose Yourself (Brodinski Remix)
Surkin – Never Let Go (Club Cheval Remix)
Surkin – Silver Springs Anthem (Bobmo Remix)
Surkin – Lose Yourself (Rustie Remix)
Surkin – Gold Island (Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990 Remix)
Canblaster Mega Remix
Surkin – End Morning (Das Glow Remix)
Surkin – Harry Feat. Bobmo (Strip Steve Remix)
Surkin – Silver Island (Para One Remix)
Surkin – White Knight Two (Jackson & His Computer Band Reprise)

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