Freshly uploaded by Chicago’s finest is a brilliantly crafted mixtape by the two biggest players in the footwork scene, DJ’s Rashad & Spinn.
The mix is a 45 minute frenzy of snappy snares, Juicy J’s slurred ramblings and fresh material off the newly announced label run by the Teklife crew ‘LIT CITY’ (on which Rashad will release his forthcoming album). Check it out below.




1. DJ Rashad – Welcome to the Chi [LIT CITY TRAX]
2. DJ Manny – I Can’t Explain [LIT CITY TRAX]
3. DJ Rashad – Fly Spray 2k12 [LIT CITY TRAX]
4. DJ Rashad – Well Well Well [LIT CITY TRAX]
5. DJ Manny & DJ Kidd – Hold My Dick [LIT CITY TRAX]
6. DJ Earl – H.A.M. [LIT CITY TRAX]
7. DJ Rashad ft. RP Boo – All Across The World [LIT CITY TRAX]
8. DJ Rashad – We Run This Shit [LIT CITY TRAX]
9. DJ Manny – We So Banned Up [LIT CITY TRAX]
10. DJ Manny – Off The Wall [LIT CITY TRAX]
11. DJ Rashad – Chicago [LIT CITY TRAX]
12. DJ Spinn – Golden Kush [LIT CITY TRAX]
13. DJ Spinn – Smoke Dat Shit [LIT CITY TRAX]
14. DJ Spinn – She A Bad Girl [LIT CITY TRAX]
15. DJ Spinn & DJ Manny – Gettin It [LIT CITY TRAX]
16. DJ Rashad – Walk For Me 2k12 [LIT CITY TRAX]
17. Addison Groove vs DJ Rashad – Sexual (Juke Refix)
18. DJ Spinn – For A 5 Dolla Bag [LIT CITY TRAX]
19. DJ Rashad – CCP 2k12 [LIT CITY TRAX]
20. DJ Manny & DJ Spinn – What You Need [LIT CITY TRAX]
21. DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn – We Trippy Mane [LIT CITY TRAX]

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