Can you imagine our faces when two of our favourite crews in this world take to Twitter to tell everyone they’re releasing a joint mixtape? No smiley does it justice. London based Southern Hospitality have paired up with US based Live For The Funk and dropped this inevitably stunning ‘Bass Razors’ mixtape. Mixed by Southern Hospitality’s Rob Pursey, all we need to say is that Wiz Khalifa’s ‘It’s Nothin’ goes into Disclosure’s remix of Jessie Ware’s ‘Running’. We really can’t handle this. These two collectives have an incredible set of ears and the way the act on it by collaborating on mixtapes is inspirational. Forget watching Jumanji on this Bank Holiday, turn this loud and salute Southern Hospitality and Live For The Funk. So much love on this one. Check the full tracklisting here and download below:

DOWNLOAD: Southern Hospitality & LFTF Present: Bass Razors (Mixtape)

Southern Hospitality / Live For The Funk