Continuing their free bootleg series, Fade to Mind have stepped it up a notch by releasing FADEOB002, a 4 track EP by Massachusetts based Rizzla. With tracks such as “Bandmind Ha” incorporating many references to East Coast Ballroom/Vogue (with the heavy HA sample), the EP corresponds to some other Fade to Mind material (specifically MikeQ’s EP) which share the common ballroom theme, but Rizzla includes fast moving Soca-esque beats with high pitched melodic vocals which add a refreshing element of variation to the whole EP.
Reach for the download after the jump and if you’re one of our supporters from near Los Angeles, be sure to check out one of Rizzla’s debut shows out on the West Coast here or here.


1. Badmind HA
2. Church
3. Dick
4. Psychoton

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