Just over a week ago, London based duo Ill Blu announced that they would be releasing there next single, “Clapper”, via Hyperdub. That will be the pair’s first release since 2011’s Meltdown EP on Numbers. XLR8R saw it as a great time to grab them for an exclusive mix which shows that although they’ve been out of the limelight for a while, they’re still incredibly active in the studio. Plenty of new material sounding very dancefloor friendly. Check the tracklisting and download the mixtape below, or stream here.

DOWNLOAD: XLR8R Podcast 242 – Ill Blu


01: Ill Blu “Clapper” (Hyperdub)
02: Ill Blu “Dragon Pop” (Hyperdub)
03: Ill Blu “Heisenberg”
04: Ill Blu “Legs”
05: Ill Blu “Turnpike”
06: Ill Blu “Bassage”
07: Princess Nyah “Soldier feat. Wiley (Filthy Fiction Remix)” (Royletease)
08: Funkystepz “Class A”
09: Ill Blu “Alrite Wave”
10: Jook10 “Bass” (Soulserious)
11: Ill Blu “PumpA”
12: Lighter “Burn”
13: Ill Blu “We Don’t Stop”
14: 86 Baby “Word Of Mouth”
15: Ill Blu “Me x U” (Plastik Cups)

Ill Blu / Twitter