In accordance to his promise to drop a free EP upon reaching 2000 followers on his Soundcloud, Lucid has kept his word and forwarded us his ‘Thee Tool’ EP to give away. Already with huge amounts of free downloads to his name, all presenting a blindingly impressive level of consistency, Lucid has got to be one of the most generous artists around.

Eminent for a style which sees him teetering on the edge of a spectrum of different genres and influences, Lucid’s ‘Thee Tool EP’ seems to be another manifestation of his imperviousness to genre constraints.
His ‘Thee Tool EP’ sees Lucid’s productions incline towards a more ‘club friendly’ nature, with each track seemingly more stripped down than his previous productions, yet still maintaining that preternatural atmosphere that seems to come so naturally to Lucid’s music.
Among the tracks are ‘Slow’ an ode to Pelican Fly boss Dj Slow, ‘Luci Boy’ a stripped down grime anthem (that begs for some sort of vocal edit) and Lucid’s remix of Mister Tweek’s ‘Ice Cream’, where he takes a snippet of the original’s cute vocal and folds it into a warped cacophony of dark synths, heavy 808’s and sirens.
We’re so excited to share this whole EP with you! Check out the full EP/tracklist and catch the download below and if you’re one of our European readers, keep your eyes peeled for Lucid’s list of tour dates (from June to August) cropping up soon.

DOWNLOAD: Lucid – Thee Tool EP


01: Lucid – Slow
02: Mister Tweeks – Ice Cream (Lucid Remix)
03: Lucid – Lucid Boi

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