Here at AO-AO we are always keen to find out exactly what our favourite DJ’s and producers get upto behind the scenes and what makes them tick. With Artist Necessities, we want to check out what our favourite artists carry on a daily basis. What they take with them to gigs, what they have in their studio, what they bring on tour, we just want to find out what they have on them on an average day. Starting off what we are making a regular feature, is Marble and Pelican Fly affiliate and Club Chevalian Sam Tiba, who (fresh off his Boiler Room appearance) has opened up his bag to show us his reading material, headphones, human body parts and an effigy of an Egyptian God. Take a look after the jump.

Sam Tiba: “Inside the bag : I always carry my son in a backpack. His mother is a butterfly and we’re divorced now.
This ANUBIS little statue is MAD HEAVY but i always have it in my bag, in case I have to ask the gods what kind of kick I should use in my new remix. The rest is pretty classical : Casanova autobiography (I’m actually reading this these days, it’s a 17th century Gossip Girl, but more hairy), a golden hard drive, a purple mac book, and of course, one of Canblaster’s hands.”

“Front picture : you guessed what the right pocket is for…I never carry that much weed tho – I move in silence like lasagna.
Left pocket is my jewels reservoir. I always wear rings, and I got a ton, so that I can change during the day. So girly I love it.”

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