Here at AO-AO we are always keen to find out exactly what our favourite DJ’s and producers get upto behind the scenes and what makes them tick. With Artist Necessities, we want to check out what our favourite artists carry on a daily basis. What they take with them to gigs, what they have in their studio, what they bring on tour, we just want to find out what they have on them on an average day. The feature continues with Paris based Youngunz head Piu Piu. We were absolutely blown away by her cover of Rick Ross’ ‘B.M.F.’ that dropped a few months back with an equally stunning video. Her dreamy vocals are also heard on the wonderful ‘Almighty Sun’. It’s fair to say we’re huge fans of Piu Piu at AO-AO so it was amazing of her to send over what she carries with her on a daily basis.

“I guess the one thing I ALWAYS have with me is cigarettes, I really do smoke like a chimney. The brass knuckles is actually some sort of wallet, very handy when it comes to buying things, or punching someone in the face. I am quite obsessed with jewelry so even if I wear a lot of it, I have some in my bag in case I want to change, or just wear more, one of them is made of a magic stone and was given to me by a mormon unicorn. I also carry around stupid girly things like nail polish, I change it all the time, and lipstick to mark my preys with a kiss. Milan Kundera’s “the unbearable lightness of being” I read it like hundred times, but I cant stop it, I’m addicted to it, and the black note book is where I write my songs and ideas everyday. Finally the small bird is like my talisman, the tale is a very very tiny spoon quite practical if I get hungry. And of course, my phone charger so I don’t die.”

Piu Piu Twitter / Youngunz