After much anticipation, Canadian based producer John Roman has dropped his ‘Reclusion 2’ mixtape. The second in the series features eight new original productions from Roman, and they are sounding incredible with sounds ranging from punchy techno to heavyweight bass music. We were fortunate enough to grab an interview with John Roman, and we spoke to him about the story behind ‘Reclusion 2’, what else we can expect from him this year and the UK scene. Check all that below and download the stunning ‘Reclusion 2’. This is serious heat.

DOWNLOAD: John Roman – Reclusion 2


01. St. Hood
02. Down (The Drain)
03. Infrared
04. Petrified
05. Monitor
06. Chimaera
07. T.G.S.
08. Fragments


1. So pleased to see all the hype that surrounded Reclusion 1, throw you into some well earned lime light bro! How have you been occupying yourself since Reclusion 1? Did you expect the huge amount of praise that it received?

Reclusion 1 is almost two years old now, which seems crazy when I think about it. A lot has changed since then: I released my first two EPs “Sing!” and “Sala”, remixed some of my favorite artists, and played in the US and UK. After graduating university, this past year has really been about refining my production skills, determining my “sound” and putting in my 10,000 hours. Every morning I wake up, go into the studio and work until it’s time to sleep again. It gets a bit repetitive and frustrating at times, but on the whole I’ve grown faster in the past year than all previous years combined.

I knew with the first Reclusion I had something special. It was a very ambitious project, and I think at some level everyone appreciates and recognizes effort. It was a bit disjointed and unfocused from my perspective now, but it was honest, it was exactly who I was, what I sounded like and what I aspired to. I didn’t know it would get as much attention as it did, or that people would still be messaging or tweeting me about it two years later, but it’s really rewarding feeling to know that your hardest work is also your most acknowledged.

2. Evidently you’ve progressed as an artist since the first Reclusion mixtape was released and you are no doubt in a different part of your career. With that said, has the thought process behind the productions in Reclusion 2 been a completely different story? Was there a different motivation behind this one to the first?

Reclusion 2 is definitely a much different project. Unlike the first which featured originals, remixes, bootlegs and edits, Reclusion 2 is just 8 original tracks. Essentially an album, but intended to be broken up into separate EPs. No intros, outros or interludes, it’s just a mix of the best club tracks I made in the past year.

I want Reclusion 2 to explain one sound. Not by excluding any genres or sounds that influence me, but by borrowing from all of them, taking them apart and filtering them through my perspective. It’s really hard to classify these tracks as any one genre, but I think they all share a unified aesthetic and mood. I want it to describe my vision of the future musically; not a bright technological optimism, or a bleak atomic nothingness, but a dilapidated, primitive dystopia. Sometimes I’d imagine this crowded rave underneath an unfinished bridge, in the middle of a crumbling city, bonfires around the outside, dancers in a patchwork of stolen clothes, and I would think what would these people want to hear? Probably not progressive house, probably not minimalist IDM, they’d want something dark and aggressive, futuristic, but rhythmically compelling.

3. With tracks such as “Fragments” there seems to be a much darker feel when compared to some of your prior productions (with the looped vocals feeding from a squirmy ominous acid bassline). Have you taken much influence from the “UK” scene?

There’s so much amazing and influential music coming from the UK it’s almost impossible not to. For me, right now is the most excited I’ve ever been about dance music. We’ve gone through many golden ages, in terms of house, electro, hip-hop, rave, jungle, etc., and I think right now what we’re experiencing is the golden age of this kind of dubstep / funky / garage / house / techno (???) hybrid music. It’s hard to define, but anyone who follows the music knows exactly whether or not a track falls into this category or not. It’s a sound I only wish I could’ve discovered earlier, but I hope my foreign perspective can contribute something unique and of value.

4. Which is your favourite track off Reclusion 2?

That would have to be “Chimaera”. I actually made that this past weekend. I had my tracklist set and recorded, but most of this track just came together in a few hours, so I went back to recorded the mix all over again with it included. If I had to choose one track to summarize the overall sound and feeling of Reclusion 2, I think I’d choose this one.

5. Finally, what else can we expect from John Roman this summer/year?

Three of the tracks on Reclusion 2 (Infrared, Down, and T.G.S.) will be available on digital and vinyl May 21st via Lektroluv. There will be more shows this summer as I’m finally coming out of reclusion, haha, so check my Facebook page for those. And also I’m putting out a 10-part free EP series soon, but more details on that later…

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