In 30 minutes, Sam Tiba (Club Cheval) flawlessly flicks through the best part of 80 jersey cuts (from the usual suspects; Dj Sliink, Nadus and Dj Kiff etc.) in the third instalment of his Jersey club mixtapes. With the first two of the said mixes having been hosted by the Brick Bandits Crew out of New Jersey and much of the East Coast, Volume 3 sees the turn of Belgian label Pelican Fly to be on presenting duties. With much of the Jersey scene recognising Sam Tiba as a driving force behind the genre bursting onto an international platform in the past year and with Pelican fly constantly referencing the genre in mixes or in elements of their releases, there seems to be a huge mutual respect between the two outfits. This makes this mix the perfect way to showcase the close ties between the East Coast, Club Cheval and Pelican Fly.

The mix itself is without a doubt one of the best we have heard in recent memory. Energetically stepping between vivacious female RnB vocals, Dj Sliink shout outs to Club Cheval and heavy hitting kicks, it is the furthest thing you will ever find from sluggish. To distil that much energy into 30 minutes whilst switching between tracks at lightning speed shows why Sam Tiba is renowned as one of the best DJ’s around.

The mix acts as a precursor to a special night, hosted by Club Cheval and Pelican Fly on June 27 at Social Club in Paris, where the Jersey vanguard of DJ Sliink and Tiba will be providing the vibes.
Stream and download the mix below and peep the extensive tracklist. Also be sure to check out our recent Artist Necessities feature with Sam Tiba here

DOWNLOAD: Sam Tiba – Jersey Club Volume 3 (Presented by Pelican Fly)


Dj Sliink, Dj Kiff, Dj Rell – Fight The Bandits!
Dj Sliink – Gladiator
Dj Sliink – Let It All Out
Dj Joker – Princess Footwork
Swizzymack – Hokey Pokey
Irresistible – Without You
Dj Sliink – Rock Steady feat. Dj Jayhood
Mikie – Take Your Gun feat. Los
Dj Fresh – Bounce Right
Nadus – The Nookie
Dj Kiff – La La La
Tray – Do It Like
Dj Akademiks – Mr. Saxo Beat
Dj Spaz – How To Run A Train
Dj Hook – Bust Them Cheeks
Mike Gip – Sexual Healing
Dj Sliink – Angelica
Tiga – Grove Street Party Pt.1
Dj Jayhood – Get Ruff feat. Juiceboy
Dj Akademiks – Solo
Dj Jayhood – Rye Rye Anthem
Nadus – Green Man Pt.2
Tray – Flap Your Wings (Sam Tiba Edit)
Dj Sliink – Let It All Out
Dj Jayhood – Dat Butt
Dj Jayhood – Rye Rye Anthem
Dj Kiff – Love On Top (Bandit Remix)
Dj Jayhood – Girl You Got A Donk
Dj Sliink – Meet Me On The Floor feat. Ms. Porsh
Dj Kiff – Kick Push
Tray – Can’t Get Enough (Sam Tiba Edit)
Dj Jayhood – Ride That Train
Dj Sliink – Rock Steady
Tiga – Tech
Dj Jayhood – Like Hmmm feat. Young Mani
Tray – Do It Like
Dj Jayhood – Holla Back Girl (Stomp Ya Feet)
Dirty South & Thomas Gold – Alive (Tiga Remix)
Dj Jayhood – Put You Out (Comfortable)
Tiga – This L.o.v.e
Irresistible – Gurls Talkin Bout feat. Dj Smacks
Dj Joker – Princess Footwork
Dj Runnah & Dj Joker – Twerk Pt.2
Dj Spaz – Go N Get It
Dj Fresh – Nicki’s Fist Pump
Dj Sliink – Get Gassed (Sam Tiba Edit)
DJ Rell, Dj Kiff & Youngin – Saturday Love
Tiga – Street Party (Instrumental) (Sam Tiba Edit)
Dj Sliink – Whine For Me (Sam Tiba Remix)
Dj Jayhood & Dj Dru – Big Girls
Dj Jayhood – Love Mix
Sam Tiba – Fist Pump Love Loop
Dj Sliink – CanNon (Dope-Crack) (Sam Tiba Edit)
Dj Jayhood & Dj Fresh – Numba One
Knife Party – Internet Friends (Swizzymack Remix)
Los – Hey Knuckle Heads
Crew Love (Jersey Club Mix) (Sam Tiba Edit)
Tiga & Dj Class – Represent My Shxt
Deejay Qutta feat Ms Porsh – Buck That Bxtch (Rizzla’s Cunty Refix)
Dj Jayhood – Jump On It (Sam Tiba Edit)
Dj Jayhood – Run This Town (Sam Tiba Edit)
Wet The Bed (Jersey Club Mix) (Sam Tiba Edit)
Dj Jayhood – Freeze
Dj Jayhood – Freeze 09 (Sam Tiba Edit)
Tiga – Ain’t No Bust It Baby (Sam Tiba Edit)
Dj Akademiks – Pursuit Of Happiness (Sam Tiba Edit)
Irresistible – You Da One (Sam Tiba Edit)
Dj Fresh – Booty Drop (Sam Tiba Edit)
Irresistible – Without You
Dj Sliink – I Wanna Rock (Sam Tiba Edit)
Dj Kiff – Body 2 Body feat. Mike Gip
Dj Runnah & Dj Nadus – Power Remix (Sam Tiba Edit)
Dj Kiff – Luv
Irresistible – Without You
Drop Instrumental (Drops)
Dj Murdaa – Wait (Sam Tiba Edit)
$tunna – Ride Dat 2k11
Tray – Do It Like
Dj Kiff – Do It Like You
Sliink – Reasons
L-Spiz – Bring It Back
Dj Albyy – Fire To The Rain
Bobby Valentino – Beep (Nadus Remix)

(Artwork by Richelle)

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