Dropped whimsically via his twitter, very much like his amazing Instrumental Mixtape 2, Clams Casino has just released 7 additional instrumentals from his bulging discography for free download. To our delight, included are the tracks that we were greedily saddened not to see on his second instrumental mixtape, which dropped a few weeks back. The couple of productions for Lil B that are included, his “1 Time Remix” and “Live from Da Hood”, instantly rear our head. Two tracks made for Brooklyn based rapper Sha Stimuli are included (“23 Dollars” and “Coldness”) along with one of our favourite Mac Miller beats “Cold Feet”, the instrumental for the recently unearthed “Never Understand” (with Main Attrakionz member Squadda B), as well as Clams’ production for Havoc (half of the infamous Mobb Deep).¬†You can think of this as a super add on of B-Sides to his Instrumental Mixtape 2 or in itself a whole new Instrumental tape. Either way, we will probably stay permanently locked onto Clams’ twitter from now on…who knows when he’ll quietly leak his next offering? Download each track individually after the jump.

1. 23 Dollars [Sha Stimuli]
2. Never Understand [Squadda B]
3. 1 Time Remix [Lil B]
4. Always Have a Choice [Havoc]
5. Cold Feet [Mac Miller]
6. Coldness [Sha Stimuli]
7. Live From Da Hood [Lil B]

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