Last month, London based Darling Farah released his absolutely stunning debut album ‘Body’ on Civil Music. For us, it’s one of the albums of the year. If you haven’t checked it already, we really suggest you do so. Earlier today, the Detroit born producer uploaded his ‘July Mixtape’ to Soundcloud and as the sun goes down right now, leaving that stunningly beautiful purple haze, we couldn’t ask for anything more perfect. Shout out to Darling Farah all day everyday, download from his Facebook page below:

DOWNLOAD: Darling Farah – July Mixtape


1. Boards Of Canada – Ready Lets Go
2. Audionite – Sophmore
3. Locked Groove – Change
4. Mikkel Metal – Long Way
5. Gerry Read – Legs
6. Darling Farah – Realised
7. Nyra – Dres Done
8. Untold – Breathe
9. Ventress – Untitled
10. Area Forty One – Cumulonimbus
11. Bobby Champs – MINT400
12. Furesshu – Lifted (Shifted Remix)
13. NX1 – NX1 01 002
14. A Made Up Sound – Rear Window (Shattered)

Darling Farah Soundcloud / Twitter