Here at AO-AO we are always keen to find out exactly what our favourite DJ’s and producers get upto behind the scenes and what makes them tick. With Artist Necessities, we want to check out what our favourite artists carry on a daily basis. What they take with them to gigs, what they have in their studio, what they bring on tour, we just want to find out what they have on them on an average day.
After hitting Europe this Summer and headlining our very first official AO-AO night last month at Social Club in Paris, it only seemed apt to hit up Australian producer and DJ Bosstone to see what he has carried with whilst him on tour and what he couldn’t wait to get back to in Australia. It was an absolute honour for us to share the stage with him on multiple occasions in Europe and whilst on tour with him. His necessities include; the contents of his pockets, a Bubba Ray Dudley sticker and (not least) a mixtape of the essential tracks that get him through the day…

“Wallet, phone and keys are always essential. If I don’t go out with a combination of the 3 of them somethings not right. Always have to keep my camera on me, I’m a big fan of photography and you never know whats going to happen so its good to keep it on standby. Not a huge fan of accessories but a watch and some shades to block the haters are a nice thing to have. The headphones and laptop go hand in hand, without them I wouldn’t be able to work on music. My most favourite necessity is my copy of hud mo’s pleasure principal EP. I look up to him alot and when I’m stuck for ideas I always throw this (or Rusties “Glass Swords”) on. My biggest necessity would probably be my music collection, I can’t really take a photo so I thought I’d share a mix with everyone, hopefully you’ll love the tracks as much as I do”

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