Ahead of his forthcoming European ‘Revisions‘ tour, John Roman has announced that a free 10 part EP series entitled ‘REVISIONS’ will begin next week, with ‘REVISIONS001’ available for free download via Soundcloud on July 24th.
“Each track in REVISIONS is composed almost exclusively from a different Rap/R&B album from the last 15 years. With the exception of the odd 808/909, every melodic, percussive and atmospheric element in each track is created using its corresponding source album”. This sounds like something right up our street and we cannot wait to hear what the Canadian native does.
We’re also hyped for what will be his third tour of Europe taking place between late-September to mid-October. For open dates and more information regarding John Roman’s ‘Revision’ tour, email us at aoaoblog@gmail.com.

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