Yesterday John Roman dropped the first in his ‘Revisions‘ ten part EP series via his Facebook page and we haven’t been able to turn it off since. With the aim of the whole series to create modern dance tracks through harvesting elements from classic Rap/R&B albums, John Roman has managed to completely re-contextualise DMX’s ‘Great Depression’ (Track 1: “Give U My Life”) into a passionate DMX growl over a deep house and Aesop Rock’s ‘None Shall Pass’ (Track 2: Citric Jazz) into stunning juke infused garage with ‘REVISIONS001‘.
With each EP in the series dropping every two weeks, it means the ‘Revisions’ series will run into John Roman’s recently announced European tour,which runs from late September to mid October. For more details regarding the tour and open dates email us at

Download the two track ‘REVISIONS001‘ EP here by liking the facebook page and stream the full EP after the jump…

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