It is often said that certain artists “let the music do the talking”, but upon visiting the soundcloud of Myrryrs, where he has disabled all commenting functions and “track stats” on every song, you realise that the Nashville resident is one artist whom this mantra certainly rings true with.
Having recently released his remix of Jim E Stack‘s “Bubble Boy” through Body High, the same label which released his “I’m a State of Mind” EP, Myrryrs mustn’t have stopped for breath before sending us “Triton 101“.
Amongst the frenzy of tracks that have been popping up recently that declare themselves “trap”, Myrryrs has quietly and steadily been working from his home in Tennessee pushing out his own strain of melodic and synth heavy electronic music with Southern Rap influences flowing throughout.
Sharing the same name as the flagship Korg Triton synthesiser and digital sampler, whose sounds are prevalent in Hip Hop today (chiefly in Southern strains of Rap/Hip Hop), “Triton 101” revolves heavily around its jolting and melodic chorus of trumpets and horns as well as the crisp snare rolls and 808 cowbells. Think Polow Da Don in summer. For us it is evident that crunk and the dirty south runs deep in Myrryrs’ veins. Download the track after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Myrryrs – Triton 101 (AO-AO Premiere) (Updated Link)

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