With word already spreading of the impending release of a Danny Brown and Evil Nine collaboration, an official preview of the track has been uploaded to Soundcloud by Bromance with the EP due to drop on 20th August.

The track, that’s the result of an unlikely collaboration between Detroit rapper Brown and Brighton’s Evil Nine, first came as a shock to us when we saw the pair were collaborating. However we have to say the stripped back beat provided by the Brighton ‘For Lovers‘ duo sits perfectly under Brown’s characteristic sex driven and satyric lyrics, within which he frequently refers back to himself as “The Black Brad Pitt” (perhaps a reference to an ealier Jay-Z verse?).

The track, described so accurately as a “dark, dangerous, punchy and hilarious bomb”, will be complemented on the EP with remixes by Bromance’s own Gesaffelstein as well as Parisian beat maker Soufein3000, producer of “Get Lit” and “Acid Drip” from A$AP Rocky’s ‘LiveLoveA$AP’ mixtape. Stream “The Black Brad Pitt” along with both remixes below.

(Via The FADER and Pitchfork.)

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