On Monday last week we came back Belgium, capping off our final foreign stint of the summer in superb fashion. We’ve been so lucky these past two months to have had the opportunities to play at places and parties that we have thus far only dreamed of (Paris & Amsterdam) and Belgium continued that beautiful trend.

On Friday 3rd we had the Folie Douce Summer Break party which was so magically juxtaposed in its setting; inside you have people going crazy to the likes of Eclair Fifi, Lucid and The MRNG and then outside the scenery was something so beautiful it was as if it was freshly lifted from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It was an unforgettable experience and an honour to play. On Saturday we headed to the more glamorous and less industrial city of Brussels to link up with DJ Slow and Mister Tweeks for one of their infamous uStream’s at the Duval House before watching them throw down in a botanic gardens at the Freaks & Geeks / Regulate ‘WET ‘N’ WILD’ party.

In between all this there was gypsy markets, taxis at sunrise, kebab houses, Leo biscuits, graffiti jams, pedalo rides and jacuzzi dives. It was so special.

Finally, we just want to say a huge thank you to the Folie Douce and Pelican Fly guys. You made our weekend so great with your ridiculously generous hospitality and by baring with our painfully strong Northern accents. We love you all.