In the wake of his recent taciturnity due to him writing a new album, Mumdance has released a free track to the masses to remind us he is well and truly still around. Although we knew he’d never left, as his feature on “Get a Grip” for LV‘s EP for Hyperdub is still receiving regular play time for us, his generosity doesn’t go unnoticed as we have been waiting patiently for this track since first hearing it.

First heard on his Different Circles – Level 3 mixtape as a new unnamed original, then heard again on his Sonic Router mix but referred to as “Thugged Out Ecstasy Music“, the newly named “Back in the Biz” takes huge rave synths, a roaring a d’n’b reese and brass horn melodies to create an epic stadium sized anthem. If this isn’t a way for the London based producer to announce to the public that he’s still alive then I don’t know what is. Stream the track and catch the download below (also, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming collaboration between Mumdance and eski whizz Logos).

Download: Mumdance – Back in the Bitz

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