Los Angeles homies LOL Boys have just taken to Facebook to announce that the pair will be going on hiatus, taking some time to work on solo projects.

Jerome of LOL Boys posted: “We wanted to let you all know that LOL Boys will be going on hiatus. We were lucky enough to play around the world and to meet many of you, and your support will forever be appreciated! As a token of our gratitude here is a link to all of the Edits from the Fader Mix (see below). Our final release will be a remix EP of “Changes” coming out soon. Be on the look out for Markus’ solo project soon. You can find mine here Jerome LOL.”

We just wanna big up and shout out LOL Boys for all the amazing music and energy they’ve provided the game with, so special. The solo projects are sure to kill it too. LOL BOYS 4EVA. Download the ZIP file full of LOL Boys edits below: