When we first saw the Rick Owens 2013 S/S runway video after hearing arcane Belgian Richelle had soundtracked the show, we never expected the 9 minutes and 42 seconds of pure audial intensity of his “I Think 2012 Remix”. It would almost eclipse the strikingly bold designs being sported by the models on stage. Today, ahead of the Rick Owens show which took place earlier in Paris, the Pelican Fly squad have unleashed the original version of the first track Richelle produced for the American fashion designer and it’s quite simply stunning.

When we visited Belgium in the summer, we were fortunate enough to hangout at Richelle’s beautiful home with the man Mister Tweeks. That was the first time we heard a full quality version of “I Think 2012” and during our stay in Brussels, we listened to the full 15 minute track an obscene amount of times, but it has to be said each time offered a fresher listen than the last, with each experience getting better. It’s that good. With the vocals provided by fashion eccentric and Rick Owens’ muse Michele Lamy (as the track was originally commissioned by the Rick Owens House as a remix of her track “How Do You Feel” with Matthew Stone), Richelle bends her voice over the parts to “I Think” brilliantly (replacing the original vocals of Atlanta’s Diamond), with the track blending a perfect balance of sinisterness (which matches the eerie lighting at the show) with an almost militarily rhythmic edge (which the models pace along to identically) to the remix of the original “I Think” (from his “On The Track EP“).

Watch the video for the runway show featuring the track here and stream the “I Think 2012 (How Do You Feel Remix)” in full quality below.

You can download the live version of the full soundtrack to the show by Richelle here via the Rick Owens webpage, featuring “I Think 2012 (How Do You Feel Remix)” followed by an edit of Marcus Price’s remix of Richelle’s ‘I Think’. Also keep your eyes peeled for a compilation of remixes (including this one) to be released soon on vinyl in very limited edition.