Paris homies and fellow burger enthusiasts The MRNG have just uploaded their stunning remix of Danny’s Brown’s ‘Grown Up’. It has a wonderfully laid back 1990’s West Coast vibe to it, which is no doubt where Julien Salman and Aymeric Asura got the ’90’s Remix’ idea. On Soundcloud, the boys left a beautiful backstory on how this rumour came about: “We were in the studio, working on some new tracks and listening to some rap music. Then Julien dropped the instrumental of “Everyday Struggle”, Aymeric started to spit lyrics on this shit like a mo’fucka, both shared 90’s memories and their hatred for the end of the summer. Two hours later, the remix was born.” How cute are these two? Stream and download the remix below, bisous:

DOWNLOAD: Danny Brown – Grown Up (The MRNG 90’s Remix)