Purveyors of amazing parties in some of the most forward thinking settings, we were honoured to join Folie Douce for their “Summer Break” party (overlooking a lake in Liege) in August. Not a crew to rest on their laurels, they’ve recently announced a fresh trio of parties (including one with S-Type atop the 78 metre high, Diamonds Tower) starting on 17th October, where they will join their fellow Belgian’s at ALPHA to host Obey City (New York/LuckyMe) at Club Charlatan in Gent, Belgium. Ahed of the party, the Belgian homies have just forwarded us the three track “Alpha Male EP” to give out, which includes tracks from Obey City, Gullfisk & Carlton and a Justin Bieber remix by that pretty fool and Folie Douce resident Kon.
Stream all the full EP and catch the free download after the jump and find out more details for the party here

 Folie Douce x Alpha – Alpha Male EP (with Obey City, Kon & Gullfisk ft. Carlton)


1: Off My Mind – Gullfisk & Carlton
2: Boyfriend (Kon Remix) – Justin Bieber
3. I Am Not A Rapper – Obey City

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