Named after a slick Lambourghini concept car (or so we assume due to the Teaholic’s well known fixation for luxury european motors), Italian producer and member of the Teaholics movement Avispado has just released his free mixtape “Mixes of the Frenzied“.

With the tape, Avispado has included Chopped & Screwed edits of the likes Metro Zu, Stones Throw legend James Pants and 100s as well as a collection of his own previously unreleased instrumentals, tracks (some with our man and Avispado’s fellow Teaholic, Issue) and remixes which are perfectly soundtracking our tuesday.

We’ll be drinking our Viper Tea and working our way through this for the rest of the day. Catch the download below…

Download: Avispado – Mixes of the Frenzied (Mixtape)

Avispado Twitter / Bandcamp / Soundcloud.